Need to see all the small words, did you forget your glasses or need to use magnifying mirror? Don’t search anymore and use this intuitive magnifying glass application for your iPhone or iPad.



- full screen - uses all the display’s pixels to see zoomed image without any disturbing interface

- intuitive and ease to use floating interface (slide up or down to zoom anywhere on the screen with build in tools icons)

- flashlight (even for mirror)

- lock screen (no more shaking zoomed text)

- save locked image to your camera roll to read later

- share zoomed image




Classic magnifying glass


Tap and slide with your finger to find the right zoom for your text. Use it for reading small text or to save it for later. If there’s low light just use your iPhone flashlight.


Bifocal magnifying glass


We love old fashioned classical magnifiers with bifocal lens. So we decided to bring this experience for the first time to mobile application. Use one for overall focus and the second one for better zoom. Don’t be afraid of shared screen for two magnifiers. Your screen change to full screen zoom right after you lock your desired view.


Magnifying mirror


Yes. Just a magnifying mirror. People would actually use this feature in real life few times a day if they would have something like this by their hand. Now all people can. And we added something little more to common magnifying mirror. Light. On the front side of the iPhone or iPad? Don’t believe. Let’s try!